Moving accounts between territories is easily done within Perenso Administrator.

Accounts are typically put into a 'Territory' which is an 'Account Group'. The Account Group is then attached to a user. When an Account Group is attached to a user, they gain access to every account in that territory.

There are 2 ways you can change accounts within a territory:

  • Moving a single account
    This is done if you only have 1 or 2 accounts to move.
    It is a manual process but is the easiest way to do a small number of changes.
  • Bulk moving accounts by group
    Accounts are placed into groups and these groups are assigned to users.
    You can move groups between  users using Administrator.
  • Bulk moving accounts by import
    If moving a large number of accounts, the best method is to export a list of accounts, make the changes in Excel and then import those changes.

Moving a single account
  1. Login to Perenso Administrator.
  2. From the left hand side select Accounts.
  3. Search for the account you wish to move.
  4. Click on the account to open its details.
  5. Click on the Groups tab.
  6. Change the group to desired one and Save Changes.

Bulk moving accounts by group (for Structures)
  1. Login to Perenso Administrator.
  2. From the left hand side select System Config > Account Types.
  3. Click on the appropriate Account Type.

  4. Click on the Fields tab.

  5. Click on the Groups tab.

  6. Click on the field that contains your Structure group.

  7. Click on the Groups tab to view the groups within that Account Group Field.

  8. Using the relevant hyperlinks, drill down to the level you want to move.

  9. Click on the button Change Parent for the group you want to move.

  10. Select the new parent group you want to move this account group to.

  11. Click Move to this Parent.

Bulk moving Accounts by Export
Exporting a list of accounts
  1. Login to Perenso Administrator.
  2. From the left hand side select System Config > Exports.
  3. Click New Export.
  4. Leave the "Type" dropdown as Account and enter a description.
  5. Click Add Export.
  6. Click on the newly added export.
  7. From the section "Select Fields to Export", tick on the fields you wish to export.
  8. From the section "Output Format", enter a file name .
  9. Click Save & Export.
Changing Accounts and reimporting
  1. Open the exported file using Microsoft Excel.
  2. Remove all rows that you do not wish to make changes to.
  3. In the Group column, change the existing value to the new group you want that account to be in.
    Note: it is important the description in this field matches the exact description of a group that exists in Perenso.
  4. Save the changes to the Excel sheet and close Excel.
  5. Login to Perenso Administrator.
  6. From the left hand side select System Config > Imports.
  7. Click New Import.
  8. Under the "New Import" section, select:
    - Import Type = Account
    - Data Sources = Excel 
  9. Enter a description.
  10. Click Select File and select the file created above.
  11. Check the details on the "Import Details" screen, then click Next.
  12. From the "Field Mapping" section, map the fields in your Excel sheet to the relevant fields in Perenso.
  13. Click Next > Next > Start Import.
You have now exported a list of accounts, made changes to them and then re-imported these changes. 
This can be done for more than simply groups as shown above - for example this can also be done for Account Names, Addresses etc.