Moving or sharing accounts between Users, either permanently or temporarily, is easily done within Perenso Administrator.

Accounts are typically put into a "Territory" which is an "Account Group". The Account Group is then attached to a User. When an Account Group is attached to a User, they gain access to every Account in that Territory. An Account Group can be assigned to as many Users as you like - for example if you have a User who is going on 3 months leave you can simply assign the Accounts in that User's Territory to other User/s to give them access to those Accounts.


Judy Jetson calls on Coffee Shops. She takes 3 months leave. I would like to assign all Coffee Shops in Judy's Territory to Henry Orbit and Cosmo Spacely so they can call on her Accounts while she is away.


  1. Login to Perenso Administrator
  2. From the left hand side, select Users

  3. Click on the User you want to assign a new Territory to (using the above example, you would click on Henry Orbit or Cosmo Spacely)

  4. Click on the Accounts tab

  5. Click on Add Rule Set, in the "Account Type" section that appears, click within the "Groups" field and select the Account Type of the Accounts you want to assign to this User (using the example above, you want to assign all "Coffee Shops" that belong to Judy to Henry or Cosmo)

  6. From the drop down box, select Territory then click Add This Level to Rule Set

  7. Click within the "Groups" field for the newly added line "Territory"

  8. Select the Territory of the User that is on leave (using the above example, Judy Jetson's Banner)

  9. Click Save Changes