While Reps are in the field taking orders, they are often updating the distribution status of products for the accounts they visit. A product is treated as "In Distribution" if it has had an order taken for it, or has been marked as "In Distribution" by a Perenso user during an Store Check. Because Reps are capturing this information, it is easy to find out who does and doesn't stock a particular product.

Distribution Detail report 

Report Viewer Click Path: Distribution -> Detail -> Distribution Detail


I want to know which accounts in the territory "State 1 Rep 1" do not stock the product "Vitami-E Creme 50gm"


  1. Go to
  2. Click on Report Viewer 
  3. Enter your Company ID, User ID and Password
  4. Click Login 
  5. From the "Choose Report" section on the left, select the Category "Distribution", the Sub Category "Detail" and the report "Distribution Detail"
  6. Filter the report if required by using the "Parameters" available on the left hand side. For example:
    - Change the "State/Territory" to be "State 1 Rep 1"
    - Change the "Product" to be "Vitamin-E Creme 50gn".
    - Change the "Distribution Status" to be "Not In Dist" 
  7. Click Generate Report

How do users mark a product as In Distribution \ Not In Distribution?
This is done in a Store Check work item by ticking on or off the "Dist" column.