Within Perenso Administrator, you have the ability to set up things a Rep should check or do when in a store. One of these things are called "Head Office Requirements".

Head Office Requirements is a broad terms and the uses for Head Office Requirements can vary widely, but in short, it is something you want the Reps in the field to say:

  • "Yes, I have done this" or "Yes, I have checked this"
  • "No, I haven't done this yet" or "No, I haven't checked this yet"
Once a Head Office Requirement has been setup, you have the ability to report on these to monitor the answers by counting the "Check Passed" and "Check Failed" answers that have been populated.

Head Office Requirements Summary report
Report Viewer Click Path: Store Check -> Summary -> Head Office Requirements Summary


I want to know how many A Grade Accounts have been told about the new Eye Care products last month.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Report Viewer
  3. Enter your Company ID, User ID and Password
  4. Click Login 
  5. From the "Choose Report" section on the left, select the Category "Store Check", the Sub Category "Summary" and the report "Head Office Requirement Summary"
  6. Filter the report if required by using the "Parameters" available on the left hand side. For example
    - Change the "Grade" to the "A Grade"
    - Change the "Period" to be the previous month
    - Change the "To Do Item" to be "Introduce new Eye Care Products". 
  7. Click Generate Report

Can I see  detailed list of the Accounts that answered "Check Passed" or "Check Failed"?
Yes. There is a detailed version of this report found in: Category "Store Check" - > Sub Category "Detail" -> "Head Office Requirement Detail" that will give you this information