Just as it is important to know how many calls a user has completed on their accounts, it is also important to know what accounts were not called on.

Which accounts were called on last month? Which ones weren't? Can I get a list of only the accounts that were not called on? A Reach Detail report will give you answers to these questions. 

Reach Detail report

Report Viewer Click Path: Coverage -> Detail -> Reach Detail

How can I tell if my A Grade accounts are being over serviced or under serviced?

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Report Viewer 
  3. Enter your Company ID, User ID and Password
  4. Click Login 
  5. From the "Choose Report" section on the left, select the Category "Coverage", the Sub Category "Detail" and the report "Reach Detail"
  6. Filter the report if required by using the "Parameters" available on the left hand side. For example:
    - Change the "Grade" to the "A Grade"
    - Change the "Period" to be the previous month
    - Change the "View By" to be "Territory". This affects how the report is grouped and will give you each territory as a new section
    - If you only want to see accounts that were NOT called on, change the "Covered" to be "No" 
  7. Click Generate Report