There are 3 types of diary entries you can create.

  • Call
    The majority of your diary entries will be in the form of a Call - since you will be using the app to schedule in planned visits with your customers.

  • Meeting
    The Meeting entry is used to occupy space in your diary to show work related activities not involving any customers, for example, attending the company's annual Sales Conference.

  • Leave
    Use this entry type to mark the time and dates in your diary when you are away on leave.

Add New Entry
  1. In 1 Day Mode, the button to add a new entry is located in 2 places, but only in one place if you are using the 5/7 Mode.
    a) 1 Day Mode
    Press the New Entry button row positioned towards the left of the page, or open the bottom menu bar by swiping from the top edge of the screen and choosing New Entry in the bottom right corner.

    b) 5/7 Day Mode
    Tap your finger on a desired time slot and add a new diary entry.

  2. Once the Add Diary Entry page appears, you can choose the entry type to create.