Diary entries in this view are displayed as rectangular tiles and positioned appropriately onto the 5 or 7 day layout – based on a calls assigned date and time.

  • 5 Day Mode: Shows weekdays only
  • 7 Day Mode: Shows weekdays plus weekends

Diary Entry Colours:

  • White coloured entries are incomplete calls
  • Dark grey coloured entries are completed calls
  • Light grey coloured entries are meeting or leave entries

Touch Gesture Controls:

  • Tap and hold your finger on a desired time slot to add a new diary entry
  • Tap your finger twice on an existing call to open it
  • Tap your finger once on an existing entry to edit or delete it
  • Swipe your finger up and down to scroll through the time slots
  • Swipe your finger from the left or right edge of the screen towards the inner screen – like a book – to navigate between days