1 day mode is used when you would like a clear view of what is planned for a particular day.

Calls will be presented in rows using the following columns:

  • Cache status
    A green coloured arrow icon will appear beside any calls that are capable of being downloaded to the Tablets local storage device – with the ability to access it without being connected to the internet.
    A red arrow indicates the cached call data has expired and needs to be re-downloaded.

  • Time
    Any calls saved with an appointed start time will have this information shown.
    If a start time has not been specified then it gets assigned a position number instead.

  • Account Name
    Name of the account.

  • Suburb
    The account’s Suburb.

  • Custom Group
    Organisations may differ in their practices so this column can be customised to show any group or field. This column setting is defined in the Admin software – maintained by the appointed Perenso Admin.

  • Call Type
    The planned call type for the account.


Re-arrange order of Diary Entries. Press the Edit button to access controls to re-arrange the order of the calls shown on the active day.

Tap and hold your finger on the  control then drag the call into the desired position.

Go to a specific day
. You can use the date button – positioned in the top centre of the page – to load a specific day by pressing on it to open the date selection dial.

Two alternative methods of navigating between days is to use the left and right directional arrows on both ends of the date button or by swiping your finger from the left or right edges of the screen towards the inner screen.

Jump to the current day
. To return to the current day, press the button labelled Go to Today.

Trip Zones
. Are custom account filters created by users to allow categorisation of their accounts based on location and plan their Diary accordingly.
For more information on how to use trip zones, you can read the article Trip Zones.

. You are able to copy or move existing calls to a different date.
This is useful if you would like to set up the same calls from one day to another, or you missed a day and would like to move all the calls to a different day.
For steps on how to do this, you can view the article Copying and moving calls.