The account name and call date is displayed in the header at the top of the page.

You will also find a number of other controls here including one to exit out of the call to continue later.

Account Details

The Account Details of the call account will be loaded in a new window.

Account History

The Call History tab for the account will be loaded in a new window.


Call Objectives

When clicked, the Objective History tab of the account will be loaded in a new window.

The default filters will show the Incomplete objectives of the logged in user.


Allows the user to enter notes for an account in a call that can be viewed in future calls for that account.

You can view the last 100 call notes within a call.


This button will only be seen if content has been linked to the call type by the Perenso Administrator.

When clicked, the linked content will be loaded in a new window.

Exit Call

Clicking the Exit button will cancel out of the call without saving any changes.

Continue Later

This option allows the user to save the current call progress for later access. 

Any orders that were taken will be saved as 'Held'.


This will load the Call Summary.


Work items are loaded into this space.


The bottom of the call is the Call Workflow bar that lists all work items.

You can jump directly into a certain work item by selecting it.