Creating a Favourite Order from an order



Viewing and Loading Past Orders to use for copying to the existing Order. This allows the user to copy a past order and re-order it again if it's a routine order.


Creating an order from a New, Current or Past Favourite 


  1. Tap on the Settings button during the Order work Item


  1. Tap Favourite Orders





  1. This screen will show your saved Favourites 


  1. Tap on Manage





  1. Creating a New, Current and Past Favourite 


  1. Tap on the plus button to bring up the 3 options.
  2. Tap on New to create a new favorite order to use in future
  3. Tap on Current order to create a favorite from this current order
  4. Tap on Create from the past order to create a favourite from a previous order




Note: When creating a favourite from a past order, the name will default to the date of the original order. You can change it if you require it.



Creating a Favourite Order from a multi delivery order


Note: You may encounter this message below when creating a current favourite order.



You are given 2 options to select from.


Combine order quantities into a single favourite 


This will simply combine the current order into 1 favourite to appear as a single favourite on the list.


Save each delivery as separate favourites 


This will simply create each delivery as a separate favourite on the list. E.g below