New Features






Allow users to create a favourite from a current or previous order

Reps now have the ability to create a favourite order from past orders. You can also make a favourite order from your current order or a new one entirely. This will allow reps to save time when taking orders as they can now easily load a previous order and then modify it if required.

FS9-317Show PDF preview thumbnail in Content tileYou can now Show PDF preview thumbnail in the Content tile
FS9-405Ability to multi-select Work items in the history screenYou are now able to select multiple filters in the History work item

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue when opening a content item (Content Menu from the main menu), the top navigation bar does not automatically go to the content you are on
  • Fixed an issue when creating a new call objective for this year, the month is missing in the date
  • Fixed an issue with the amount that was displayed on the order screen with products that has multiple order units