The 'Pad Account Numbers' feature within HSN Setup settings has been updated to now take into account the 'Account Number Mask' field.

When an 'Account Number Mask' is set up and 'Pad Account Numbers' is enabled, the account number will be padded to the number of '#'s set for the Account Number Mask.

Pad Account Numbers

The 'Pad Account Numbers' settings can be found in Web Admin under Ordering > Distributors then clicking on a Distributor Branch.

Once the Distributor Branch Details loads, click on the HSN output to load the HSN Setup settings.

Account Number Mask

The 'Account Number Mask checkbox can be found in Web Admin under Ordering > Distributors then click on Distributor to load the Distributor Details page.

NOTE: 'This Distributor requires and Account Number for an Order' must be enabled to see the 'Account Number Mask' option.