The ability to link content to a Call Type has been added.

This content will be able to be accessed by the user at any point within the call.

Users have the option to link a specific piece of content to Call Types, or linking many content items to a particular Call Type.

Linking Content via Call Type

  1. Log into Web Administrator and navigate to Diary > Call Types.

  2. Select the Call Type you wish to link content to.

  3. Go to the Content tab.

  4. Add Content to choose content to link.

  5. Select the content you wish to link and click Done.

  6. Save Changes when you are happy with the linked content and their display order.

Linking Call Type via Content

  1. Log into Web Administrator and navigate to Content.

  2. Select the Content you want to link Call Types to.

  3. Click on Add New Link to add a new link to a Call Type.

  4. Search by Call Type and search for the Call Type you wish to link.

  5. Click on Select to link the Call Type/s and press Done once you have chosen all the Call Types.

  6. Click on Save Changes to apply the new links.