Perenso has been updated to support the ability to email content to customers within a call.

In the Content work item in a call, an Email content to customer option has been added, and when ticked, users will be able to attach content from the work item to send to the customer.

Attaching Content

  1. From the Content work item, either select content to attach with the Attach icon, or tick the Email content to customer option.

  2. You are able to select as many content pieces as desired from all albums, and you will see all the attachments listed.
    All attached content will have a blue Attach icon to indicate they have been added to the email.

  3. The default send to address will be the Primary Email Address for the account.
    You can change this by ticking Other and entering in a new address.

    NOTE: You are only able to send content to 1 recipient at a time.

  4. You can also enter an optional message with the content.

  5. Once Send is clicked, the email with all attachments will be sent.