A new app has been created to allows users to import IMS data.

It is now available to download. Attachment seen at the bottom of page.

The License Types 'Administrator', 'Administrator + Analytics' have been updated to view the new 'IMS Importer' application.

You must enable users to view have access to the app before you are able to log in.

Granting User Access to IMS Importer

  1. Log into Web Administrator and navigate to the Users page.
  2. Select the user you wish to give access to login to the IMS Importer.
    NOTE: Only users with Administrator rights are able to have access to the IMS Importer.

  3. Go to the Applications tab.

  4. Enable the IMS Importer and Save Changes.

Running the IMS Importer

Once you download the app, install it onto your PC and open the app as an Administrator.

You must open the program and Run as Administrator else you will not be able to log into app.

Importing IMS data

  1. On the Login screen, click the Database Connection button.

  2. Enter your Company ID and ensure the Version is 9_17.
    Click OK to save details and close the popup.

  3. Login with your Perenso User ID and Password
    NOTE: Only Administrator user types will be able to log into the app to import IMS data.

  4. Open the file containing all the IMS data you wish to upload.

  5. Map the import fields accordingly.
    - Select the Import Type ("Master" will replace the data whereas "Update" will add)
    - Select the Order Type (typically "IMS" or "Probe" or similar)
    - Select the Distributor Branch (typically this is a Distributor Branch named "IMS" or similar)
    - Choose the Account ID (typically "IMS" or "Probe" or similar)
    - Choose the Product ID (typically "IMS" or "Probe" or similar)

  6. Configure the import settings
    - Create new accounts (defines if a new account will be created if an account exists in the IMS file but cannot be found in Perenso)
    - New Account Type (defines the Account Type of the new account that is created if the above option is checked on)
    - Account Prefix (defines the prefix of the new account name that is created if the above option is checked on)
    - Create New Products (defines if a new product will be created if a product exists in the IMS file but cannot be found in Perenso)

  7. When you have the import settings configured, click Start Import.