With the new update, password rules can be set up by the Perenso Administrator.

When changing your password, the rules set will be listed.

You will only be able to update your password if your new password meets the requirements set up by your Perenso Administrator.

The Perenso Administrator also has the ability to set how long a password is valid for.

If the password is expired, you will be prompted to change your password upon logging in.

Expired Password

If  the 'Password must be changed every X days' rule has been enabled by the Perenso Admin, you must update your password to login to the site once your password expires.

You must meet all of the requirements before you are able to change the password and login.

Once a requirement is met, it will update to a green tick.

NOTE: The 'Must not be one of the last X passwords used' rule will be checked once you click elsewhere.