With the new update, Perenso now supports the ability to set up password rules for all app users to abide by.

The new page can be seen under the System Config > Password Rules in the navigational panel.

You are able to specify and set:

  • Minimum number of total characters
  • Minimum number of letter
  • Minimum number of numbers
  • Minimum number of special characters
    NOTE: The following cannot be used as special characters
    ` - = { } [ ] \ | ; : " ' /
  • Number of past passwords it cannot be
  • Number of days the password must be changed

You are also able to enable to ability to enforce the password to:
  • Not be all the same characters
  • Not be allowed to be the same as the User ID
  • Not be able to contain user's name
    NOTE: Based on the user's Display Name in Perenso.

Expired Password
If you enable the 'Password must be changed every X days', if your password no longer meets this rule, you must update your password to login to apps and sites.

You must meet all the requirements before you are able to change the password.
Once a requirement is met, it will update to a green tick.

NOTE: The 'Must not be one of the last X passwords used' rule will be checked once you click elsewhere.

Changing User's Passwords

Like previously, you are able to update user passwords on the User Details page.
Here, the new password must also meet the requirements set.