Bug Fixes






‘Distacct’ is NULL instead of blank for accounts with no Distributor Account Number

When an order was completed in Web Manager for an Account that does not have a Distributor Account Number, the order would fail as the Distributor Account Number was saved as NULL rather than blank in the database.
Fixed so the field is saved with a blank and orders are sent successfully.


Warning messages when navigating away from the Store Check work item

When attaching a photo for a Store Check to do item, would not auto-save the uploaded image, and therefore, warning message would be seen when navigating away.

Updated so the uploaded photo will be successfully saved and no message will be seen.


Error message in the Account List when there are many fields and details

When on the Accounts page, if there are many field and detail columns to be loaded, error would appear and would not be able the Account List.

Fixed so user can have as many field and detail columns as desired.