Bug Fixes:





User Call Location report only listing calls which have Store Check and Order work items loaded in call

Now able to successfully view all completed calls in the User Call Location report



Analyser Lite returns an error when using XML type parameters.

Error message no longer returns when generating an Analyser Lite report


Unable to see account types in Account Types filter if creation permission not on

Active Account Types now appears in the Account type filter. It's no longer be based on the creation permission.


Remove blank spaces at the end of a Distributor Account Number when saving

Improvement made so spaces are automatically removed from the beginning and end of Distributor Account Numbers when added through the app.


Update View Reports to take into account the Report User Visibility.

Previously, reports assigned to the View Reports work item did not take into account the report user visibility. With the new update, when the user does not have visibility to a report, it is not shown to them.


Hide the work item when it does not have anything

When the View Reports or Content View work items do not contain any data, they are hidden from the call.


Update Frequency Summary report to round

Previously, in the 'Frequency Summary' report, the column 'Avg Frequency' was not rounding. Updated to round to 1 decimal place.


Update 'User List' parameter for reports

The User List parameter has been updated for the following reports:

        · Rep Activity Detail

        · Rep Activity Summary

        · User Application Details

        · User Call Location

        · User Summary reports

The User List parameter defaults to 'All Active Users'. This will load data for only active users.

Inactive users are prefixed as 'Inactive'.