Support Content View Work item in Web Manager

Web Manager now supports the Content View work item.


Support Sign Up Work item in Web Manager

Web Manager now supports the Sign up work item.


Support View Report Work Item in Web Manager

The Report work item can now be seen in a call if there is an active report visible to the user.


Returning from the Account Detail page access via the call popup, it should return to the call popup.

Previously, when you return from the Account Detail page which was accessed via a call popup, it loaded to the diary page again. Implemented a new improvement to return the user back to the call popup.


Improve the Meeting and Leave popup in Web Manager

The Meeting and Leave popup was improved with the ability to modify the Start Time, End Time and Type of the meeting/leave.


Update Keyboard Shortcut for all the work item in Web Manager

Keyboard shortcuts have been updated to be more user-friendly.


Improve the Sale Manager Home Tab

A graphical representation of completed calls and orders has been added and replaces the Perenso logo and quick stats heading previously seen.


Display all statuses of split delivery

Order status column in the Order Management screen now displays each status of a split delivery.

Bug Fixes:





Time should be in 12hours for copy move calls

Copy/Move popup in Diary now shows 12-hour time.


Able to save without attaching mandatory photo to compliance check

Compliance Checks and Actions items cannot be saved within a call until all mandatory actions have been completed


Incorrect Bonus Stock remaining total calculation

Calculation of remaining total now displays correctly when allocating bonus stock of a product


Error message appears when loading a call that has their visibility restricted to certain users

Error message no longer seen when loading an inactive diary item


When allocating Bonus Stock in tab, 'Products' counter does not show the correct value

When allocating product stock, product count now adds up correctly.


Minor issue regarding Deals in Web Manager

1. Bonus Stock tab is now always visible when an order has bonus stock

2. Product Set suffix has been removed from the deal description

3. Deal description and product set has been removed from the Deal notes

4. Spacing has been added between the Product Set drop down menu and the drop down now no longer touches the column heading

5. When allocating product stock, product count now adds up correctly, successfully displaying the count of unique products