There are a few handy controls to adjust your view.

  • Filter by Group
    Use this to only display one group at a time.

  • Filter by Type
    This allows you to view and focus on a specific store check item type.

  • Filter by Status
    Choose between viewing all items or just the incomplete ones.

  • Search
    This search is limited to lookup products within the Product Check item only and works in conjunction with active filters.

Additional Settings

The Perenso Administrator can customise the Store Check work item in a number of ways.

Mandatory Items
The Perenso Administrator has the ability to make certain work items mandatory. If this setting is enabled, you will not be able to leave the work item if you have not completed all the mandatory items set.

Taking of notes and photos can be made mandatory for Compliance Checks and Action To Do items by the Perenso Administrator. If the item has manadatory photos or notes on the selected answer, the corresponding icon will be shown and the Next button will not become available until the action/s have been completed.

Signature Capture
Signatures can be captured whilst answering a Store Check work item.