There are additional settings in the Order Options menu for various actions.

If the order is not ready to be sent, then it can be placed on hold until you need to release it.

Change Distributor for this order
Displays the current selected distributor for the overall order.
It can be changed to another one using this setting.
Note that individual order lines can override the selected distributor to use a different one.

Apply suggested order quantities
It copies the quantities from the suggested order column in the Store Check > Product Check work item and applies it to the current order.

Change Delivery Dates
Change delivery dates in this order without affecting order quantities.

Barcode Scan Mode
This allows the use of the devices' built-in camera to scan barcodes of products that have the barcode number saved in the system.

Confirm the order has been authorised by capturing the customers' name and signature.

Delivery Instructions
Provide any special instructions for deliveries,

Customer Order #

Can be used to record the customers' own reference number to link it back to the order.

Confirmation Order

The order is saved in the system as a confirmation order only but does not get sent to a destination.


Marks the order as high priority in the file only for the recipient to acknowledge.

It does not get handled any differently from a standard order in the Perenso system.