The Ordering Mode controls how products are listed.

There are 3 modes:

  • Products
  • Deals
  • Summary


Products are sorted in alphabetical order unless customised by the Perenso Administrator.

When you are in the Products mode of an order work that uses deals, the app will always calculate and apply the best possible deal benefit to order lines that trigger it.


Products are listed by the deal you select.

This mode is ideal when you know or only want to work work within a specific set of products of that deal.

An additional control bar becomes visible in Deals mode to offer specific options for deals:

  • Deal Filter + Search
    You can either tap on the deal name to expand a list of all available deals, or press the Search icon to find your deal using keywords.

  • Product Set
    Deals are made up of product sets - therefore every deal must use a minimum of one set.
    If more than one product set exists in a deal, then you can pick the one you want.

  • Deal Information

    View Deal Content: This mode is used to present deals in content view. The Perenso Administrator is able to set this up in the Admin software.

    Deal Description: The deal name.

    Deal Set: Deal Set description.

    Deals Notes: Notes may be necessary to explain the deal criteria in more detail.


The Summary mode only shows products that have been ordered and can be viewed by Product, Deliveries or Deals.
You also have the chance to adjust the quantities here before you finalise the order.