Tapping any account in the Account List will draw out the action sidebar.

There is a Partial and Full mode for the sidebar.

NOTE: The sidebar settings are remembered for ease of use.

Full Sidebar

Start a Call Now / Open this Call
This option quickly creates a call for the account to add it directly into the diary - then opens the call immediately after. It is used most commonly for spontaneous calls that were not planned on the day.

Select a Call Type

Always check to see if the correct Call Type has been selected before pressing on “Start a New Call” since each one can have specific workflows set up.

Schedule a New Call

This option is useful to add pre-appointed calls into the diary.

Account Details

A condensed version of the account details is shown in this tile. Pressing on Edit will load the details in full view.

Call Objectives

Shows the most recent incomplete objectives for the account. Pressing on Add will an objective for the account whilst tapping Manage will load all of the accounts call objectives.


Loads the latest 10 notes made during a call for the account.


This item displays the most recent activities of the account with minimal detail. Pressing on More Details opens the activity history in full detail.


Displays coverage status and details of an account. This option is used to assist the meeting of coverage targets.

NOTE: Coverage is only seen in the sidebar for accounts with Coverage settings.

Offline Access

Lists the work items that have been cached successfully and can be accessed when in offline mode.

Show on Map

Shows the location of an account on a map using their primary address.

Partial Sidebar

You can expand and minimise the sidebar with the expand icon.

Tapping the arrow will open the selected call.

Clicking on each of the item icons will load a popup containing the relevant information.

Pressing the ... will show the sidebar descriptions.