Whether you are returning to Online Mode voluntarily or the app has reconnected to the internet on its own, a Sync window should appear after a few moments to let you save your completed work to the main database.

If the Sync window does not appear immediately, then refresh the screen by loading a different day in the diary then return to the current day.

A failed sync will report errors so you should open the call and attempt to resave it.

Pressing the (i) info button will open the call so you can check if your changes were recorded correctly.

For any call that contains an order, you will be prompted with the following message:

Open the order by pressing the (i) info button to review it for any changes or apply any necessary deals before re-saving the call.

It is critical that you release the order after the call has synced, especially if you intend on having it sent, otherwise it will remain on hold until you do so - potentially forever.

The option to take the order off hold is in the Order Options of the order.