Upon opening the diary to the current day, it will begin to cache (or download) the calls one at a time.

A green arrow symbol will appear next to the calls with a successful cache and allows it to be accessed while Offline.

A red arrow symbol indicates the call has already cached but is more than 6 hours old and is likely to be be out of sync with the server version, therefore should be re-cached.

Cache Enabled Items

Not all items are cached so it is important to know what is available in Offline Mode.

Cacheable Data:

  • Account Details

  • Call Type and Work Items
    - Call Objectives
    - Store Check
    - Content Display (Collateral items are synced separately in the Options menu)
    - Order (only when the Account has an existing distributor account number)
NOTE: The Order work item cannot be cached if the Account does not have a distributor account saved against it.
An error message will appear if attempting to open the Order work item that does not have a distributor cached.