Wile Perenso is fundamentally an 'always online' type of app, Offline Mode makes it possible to use without an internet connection, however, there are limitations to this you will need to know.

How Offline Mode Works

Offline Mode is essentially a fall-back feature that allows continued use of the app where an internet connection may not be present.

It works by checking the current day calls in the diary, whilst connected to the internet, then downloads a copy of them to the device's local storage.
This is performed as a background task so no user interaction is needed.
Even though these calls are cached to the device, they are only used in Offline Mode.

Encountering any kind of connection loss will activate Offline Mode automatically.
The moment the connection loss occurs, a message will appear to advise that when the app assumes there is no connection and will display an 'Offline Mode' label at the top of the screen.

While in Offline Mode, the app will attempt to reconnect to the internet whenever a connection is detected, except within a call.

If disconnection occurs specifically during a call then it will bring up the 'Connection to server lost' popup and you can choose to retry the connection or finish the call in Offline Mode.

Calls that are saved in Offline Mode will remain on the device until it can connect to the internet to be synced.

If connection is restored when the popup is present, you will be able to choose to resume the call online.