This work item allows the user to view account specific content within a call.

Album and Filter

The first album in the list will load by default when opening the work item.

Press on the album button to choose another one.

Content can be filtered by media type (images, PDF or videos).

Email Attachment

Press the “Attach to Email” button for content items to be sent to the customer at the end of a call.

Open the Email Options menu to specify the recipients email address and enter an optional message.

Emails will appear as being sent from the email address linked to the user who is logged into the app.

Thumbnail Sidebar

Navigate through content using the sidebar containing thumbnail previews of each item.

Items that have not yet synced to the device will display a Perenso image placeholder.

Content Body

Pressing on a thumbnail from the left bar will load the item into the content body area.

Swiping left and right to navigate between content items is supported.

A single tap on the item in the content body area will load it into full screen mode.

This is required to view PDF documents and video files.

A tick mark will appear next to the content item description once it has been shown.