Deal Benefit Types

There are 4 types of deals offered in Perenso:

  • Discount 
    A simple percentage discount off the standard/list price (e.g. 10% off).

  • Rebate 
    This is a refundable monetary amount (e.g. $1.00 refund).

  • Stock Giveaway
    Receive bonus or free stock for qualifying order amounts (e.g. buy 2 get 1 bonus).

  • Fixed Price
    Setting a specific sale price.

Deal Triggers

A deal trigger is the action required to activate the deal.

Here are some commonly used triggers:

  • Minimum order quantity – Assorted or per product  
  • Minimum order value – Assorted or per product  
  • Required products  
  • Must have ordered previously  
  • Must have obtained deal before  
  • Must range certain products  

Deals can use multiple triggers to increase the number of requirements before the benefit can be obtained. 

Applying Deals
Deals can be applied in both ordering modes but each have their benefits and limitations. 

An order line can only be assigned to 1 deal per order work item so you cannot split quantities for the same product across 2 different deals.

Note: Deals can only be applied while the app is connected to the internet because all of the calculations are performed on our cloud server. If using the app in Offline Mode then you can still save your order without deals and return to it once the app is able to get back online again.

Stock Giveaway

This benefit provides a credit amount to be used for giving away bonus or free stock.

There are 2 types of stock giveaways:

  • Bonus Stock
    The giveaway amount scales with the order quantity. For example – every 10 units ordered will attract a value of 1 unit to give away, so an order of 40 units will receive the value of 4 units as credits.

  • Free Stock
    The credit given away is a fixed amount and is usable after the deal has been triggered. For example – order a minimum of 10 units to receive $50.00 for allocating to free stock.

You can only allocate bonus and free stock in the deals ordering mode.

For more information on how to allocate bonus and free stock, go to the 'Stock Giveaway' section in the article Deals Ordering Mode - Applying a Deal.