The Deals mode layout remains much or less the same as Products mode but with the difference of an additional panel with deal related controls appearing underneath the standard control bar, and an Apply Deal button replacing the Calculate button.

  • Deal Notes
    Press the arrow button on the left to reveal or hide any notes associated with the selected deal.

  • Sell View
    You can view attached promotional content of a deal when Sell View is enabled.

  • Product Sets
    Deals are made up of product sets - therefore every deal must use a minimum of one set.
    If more than one product set exists in a deal then you can pick the one you want from the deal bar. 

NOTE: Products shown are based on the selected deal and product set so any product which does not exist in a deal will not appear in Deals mode.

Deals List

A deal can be loaded by pressing the Deal drop down field and selecting the desired one.  

Only products associated with the selected deal will be listed.

Pinned Deals

The Perenso Administrator has the option of pinning deals to the top of the deals list for easy viewing and accessibility.

Pinned deals are indicated by the Pin icon.