This work item is where you can take orders. The primary actions in this work item is to take an order, apply deals and confirm the order.
You can read the following articles for an in-depth step by step guide to:

Ordering Mode

This setting controls how products are listed.


Products are sorted in alphabetical order unless customised by the Perenso Administrator.
When you are in Products mode of an order work item that uses deals, the app will always calculate and apply the best possible deal benefit to order lines that trigger it.

Products are listed by the deal you select.
This mode is ideal when you know or want to choose the deal to apply.

An additional control bar becomes visible in Deals mode to offer specific options for deals:

  • Deal Notes
    Notes may be necessary to explain the deal criteria in more detail.

  • Sell View
    This mode is used to present deals in content view. The Perenso Administrator is able to set this up in the Admin software.

  • Product Set
    Deals are made up of product sets - therefore every deal must use a minimum of one set.

If more than one product set exists in a deal then you can pick the one you want. 


The Summary mode only shows products that have been ordered and can be viewed by Product, Deliveries or Deals. 

You also have the chance to adjust the quantities here before you finalise the order.  

Product List

There are 3 standard columns in every Order work item that cannot be changed or hidden: 

  • Content
    An icon will appear on products that have content to show.

  • Product
    Contains the product description plus 2 customisable details (e.g. brand and/or category).

  • Product Info.
    Shows details from Order columns that are not shown in the Order screen.

The other 6 vacant columns are interchangeable so you can display more relevant information based on an Organisation’s needs. 
This is set up in the Web Admin software by the Perenso Administrator and affects all users.

Interchangeable Order columns:
  • Order Qty
  • Product ID
  • Discount (actual)
  • Discount (level description)
  • Distributor
  • Distributor (Identifier)
  • Last Checked
  • SOH (Stock on Hand)
  • Ranging
  • In Distribution
  • Discount
  • Sale Price
  • Retail Price
  • List Price
  • Deal
  • Profit per Unit
  • Distributor SOH
  • Shelf Price 
  • Facings 
  • Suggested Order
  • Last Order Qty
  • Last Order Price
  • Last Order Value
  • Delivered Qty

If all 6 columns are assigned but you wish to see other ones then they can be added into the Product Info column by the Perenso Administrator.
The Product Info button on each line can contain any of the columns you couldn’t fit as a primary column.

Some other options that can be turned on in the Product Info column in addition to the ones above are:
  • Value @ List Price 
  • Value @ Sale Price 
  • Value at Retail Price 

Product/Deal Filter

Depending on the Ordering mode you are in, you will see either the Product or Deal filter.

Product Filter
This filter is only accessible in the Products Ordering Mode.
You can choose a single brand or category of products to list.

Deal Filter
This filter is only accessible in the Deals Ordering Mode.
You can use it to put a single deal into focus and list its related products.

Product Search
Quickly find a product by typing part of its description, product ID, Distributor (Identifier) or item number into the search bar.

Sales History

You can view historical data on any product by opening the Sales History tab in the bottom left corner.
The data presented here will be on a MAT (Moving Annual Total) monthly time scale counted for the last 2 years. Sales History can be viewed by Units or by Values.
Sales History can be viewed for different type of Order Types.
Press on the Sales History tab to minimise it.

Copy Product Description text
It is possible to copy the product description text for use elsewhere in the app by tapping and holding your finger on the product name to open the text menu, then choose Copy.