You can measure and track your performance in real-time by using the wide range of built-in reports in Perenso.
The data in these reports are based on the accounts you can see, so it may include other user activity if accounts are shared.

Report Categories

  • Coverage. Coverage reports are used to report on calls made on users' accounts.
    This can be used to establish which accounts have/haven't been called on during a particular period ("Reach" reports) or if accounts are being under/over serviced ("Frequency" reports).
  • Distribution. Distribution reports are used to establish the distribution of a product or product group.
    At a detail level, these reports can be used to establish which accounts do/do not stock a product.
    At a summary level, these reports can be used to a collective distribution percentage for a product.
  • Lists. List reports are simple reports that report on a number of various entities and return detailed list results.
    For example, an "Account List" report simply returns a list of accounts and some details on each account.
  • Sales. Sales reports report on all things sales related.
    These reports can be used to report on either orders taken in Perenso and/or any sales data that is imported into Perenso.
    Reports are available in a variety of formats (e.g. by month, by user, by brand) and at a summary and detail level.
  • Store Check. Store Check reports report on any activity that is available to perform within a Store Check work item.
    This includes things such as Data Capture Questions, Instore Requirements, Product Checks and Over & Aboves.
    This information is available at a summary and detail level.
  • Users. User based reports are used to report on user activity in Perenso.
    For example, a "Diary Report" is available for users to be view the calls in their Perenso diary in a list format.

Additional Features

Save Report Template
You can save your favourite report settings as a template for future access without the need to re-select the parameters over and over again.

Email the Report

You can email the loaded report through the app.

To do this:

  1. Tap the Email Report link.
    This will load the Email Report popup.

  2. Enter in the email address you would like to send to and press Send.

Photos Tab

This is a collection of all the images taken from the Store Check work item.

You can search the images using the filters on the side.