List of Calls

Calls are arranged into the following columns (starting from the left):

  1. Arrow to indicate if a call includes completed work items
    A single tap will load the activities done in the call.
  2. Account Name and Suburb
  3. Activity Type and the Work Items completed in the call
  4. Date and time of the call

The sorting direction is from newest to oldest where newest records start from the top of the list.

There are several filters available to help you choose what to display on the screen.

  • By Account
    The default setting is to show transactions from all your accounts.
    You can change this by choosing an account from the All Accounts label.

  • By Activity
    The default setting is to show all work item types, but you can select specific ones to view.

  • By Time Period
    The default setting is to display 50 most recent transactions.
    This can be changed to another time period by pressing the 50 Most Recent label and selecting another option.

Detailed Call History

To be able to view the detailed call history, you need to identify a call showing a black arrow on its left side.

The black arrow represents one or more work items have been actioned in the call, therefore, it can be viewed in by a single finger tap on the Account Name to show the activities.

Tapping on a work item's heading will also expand and collapse it separately from the others.