There are 6 different store check types available on the Manager site:

  • Account Update
  • Survey Question 
  • Compliance Check
  • Action
  • Over and Above
  • Competitor Info

The Perenso Administrator has the ability to make certain work items mandatory. If this setting is enabled, you will not be able to leave the work item if you have not completed all the mandatory items set.

'Survey Question', 'Compliance Check', 'Action' and 'Product Check' allow for adding notes or attaching a photo once they've been answered.

Account Update
This item type allows the user to update account groups and structures in the Store Check work item.

Survey Question
This item type can be used for surveying customers and recording their responses from a list of pre-defined answers or by inputting an answer in the text field.
Survey answers can be configured to allow users to score points either by answering the question or by choosing a specific answer. Survey questions wit weightings are displayed in the side bar.

Compliance Check
A head office requirement used to capture whether or not the customer complies with a particular conduct.
A compliance check can have an answer of 'Check Passed' or 'Check Failed' with accompanying notes or photo.

An action is a head office requirement whereby a task should be completed as part of an agreement and recorded as being 'Done' or 'Not Done' with notes and/or photo if applicable.

Over and Above
These are optional activities but may be encouraged by an organisation for reps to act beyond the call of duty to receive incentives.

Competitor Info
Capture information on competing brands such as pricing, promotions and shelf position.