Deals can be applied in both the Products and Deals tab, each with their benefits and limitations.

NOTE: An order line can only be assigned to 1 deal per order work item so you cannot split quantities for the same product across 2 different deals.

Products tab

Clicking the Calculate button will identify any triggered deals based on the quantities of the ordered products.

The Perenso formula will automatically determine the best possible benefit applicable to apply to each order line.

A disadvantage of applying deals in this tab is not having the ability to decide which deal should be applied since they are assigned automatically.

However, if enabled by the Perenso Administrator, you can change this select the preferred deal one order line at a time.

Deals tab

Clicking the Apply Deal button assigns the current selected deal to those order lines with a qualifying order quantity.

If an order line is already allocated to another deal but is also listed in the currently selected deal, pressing the Apply Deal button will detach it from its existing one and make it count towards the one selected.

Referred Deals

If the Perenso Administrator allows referred orders, user swill be able to apply deals even if they have not met the trigger.

All referred deals must be approved in the Order Management page, and until done so, are saved as 'Held - Referred'.

Stock Giveaway

This benefit provides a credit amount to be used for giving away bonus or free stock.

There are 2 types of stock giveaways:

  • Bonus Stock
    This giveaway amount scales with the order quantity.
    For example - every 10 units ordered will attract a value of 1 unit to give away, so an order of 40 units will receive the value of 4 units as credits.

  • Free Stock
    The credit given away is a fixed amount and is usable after the deal has been triggered.
    For example - order a minimum of 10 units to receive $50.00 for allocating free stock.
Giveaway deals can be set up to assign products automatically without user interaction, or can allow the user free reign to choose from a pre-defined selection of products.

When this deal type is triggered, the deal information menu will display the credit amount remaining and how much of it has been used.

Allocation of Bonus Stock
Products that are eligible as giveaway stock are identified by the Allocate button in the Bonus column.

NOTE: The stock being given away will always use the standard list price of the product as the value to deduct from the available credit amount.