The distributor is normally selected automatically to use either the customer's default account or the one chosen while opening the Order work item - unless the product is not available through that supplier, then a valid one will be appointed instead.

Changing the Distributor

For an order line
You can change which distributor account to use per order line by pressing on the (i) for more information and changing the distributor using the dropdown.

For the whole order

Alternatively, you can change the distributor for the whole order by clicking on the current Distributor Account under order Options.

This will load the Choose Distributor page.
Select the distributor you would like to change to and click Change to this Distributor.

Adding a Distributor Account

  1. In the Choose Distributor page, click on Add Distributor Account.

  2. Select the Distributor and Branch the account belongs to.
    NOTE: Only distributors available for the order work item will be listed.

  3. Enter the Account Number and click Add to add the distributor account number.

  4. The new distributor account will be saved and added to the distributor list and can be used straight away.