1. Select a Distributor
    The first step in loading any Order work item requires you to choose the primary distributor and an account number for use in the order.
    NOTE: This option can be disabled by the Perenso Administrator.

  2. Enter an order quantity
    NOTE: Quantities will be shown in units only.

  3. Orders can be restricted to use a single delivery date or it can allow multiple delivery dates.
    This setting is dependent on your organisation's business needs and is configured in the Admin software.

    When multiple delivery dates are allowed, users can add as many delivery dates as needed as long as they are set in the future.
    This can be done by pressing and selecting the new delivery date.

  4. An order line can only be assigned to 1 deal per order work item, so you cannot split quantities for the same product across 2 different deals.
    A deal will automatically be applied when the order is calculated. This can be done by pressing on any Refresh icon, Calculate or Apply Deal in the Deals tab.