1. On the side menu, click on Coverage.
    The Coverage screen will load. This screen will display any existing Coverage.

  2. Click on Create Coverage Target.
    The New Coverage screen will load. This screen allows you to specify the description for the coverage, the coverage settings and the coverage target definitions.

  3. Enter in a Description for the Coverage.

  4. In the Global Settings, select the appropriate settings for your coverage.
    Period Type, Starting Period, End Period: These settings determines when the coverage is active.
    Calls done by: This setting determines the type of users this coverage is applied to.
    Call Types that count towards coverage: This setting determines the call type this coverage is applied to.

  5. The Target Definition section allows you to create the coverage target rules. To create a coverage target rule:
    - Click on New Tab and a New Page popup will appear.

    - Enter in a description.

    - Click on Add Page to add a coverage target rule.

  6. In the Account Criteria section, if the rule is for a specific account group, untick Apply to All Accounts and add the appropriate account group.

  7. In the Coverage Target section, enter in the call target for this coverage target rule.
    For example: 1 call every 4 weeks.

  8. Repeat Steps 6-8 if you need to create other coverage target rules for this Coverage.
    For example: You would have different ones for each banner. i.e.
    - Banner A - 1 call every 4 weeks.
    - Banner B - 1 call every 8 weeks.
    - Banner C - 1 call every 12 weeks.

    Important Note: When adding multiple coverage target rules, there are some rules:
    - An account can only belong to a single coverage target rule.
    For example: if you have two Coverage Target Rule and an account is in both. When you save it, you would need to assign which rule that account will use.
    - If a Coverage Target Rule 'Apply to All Accounts', the other coverage target rule will be disabled.

  9. Click on Save Changes.
    The Coverage you created is now in the coverage list.

  10. To Edit an existing coverage, click on the Coverage description.