Coverage is a set of targets that defines an ideal call frequency for a group of accounts to be called upon by the field sales user.

It is recommended to use Coverage when accounts are needed to be called on over a period of time. For example, 'A Grade accounts should be called on once, every 4 weeks'.

By using coverage, it will allow the field sales users to identify accounts that should be called on and will assisted them in meeting their coverage targets.

Reporting on coverage is also available to identify which accounts are being under serviced, over serviced or are being called on as per the ideal call frequency.

You can learn to set up coverage by reading the article Setting up a Coverage. This will determine the coverage call frequency and the accounts.

Once a coverage is set up, the coverage of accounts will be reflected in the Field Sales App.

A coverage icon will be displayed next to the account description on the Field Sales App which will identify the coverage status of the account.

Coverage Statuses:

  • Due - The Account needs to be called within the current coverage period
  • Planned - A call has been created of the account in the current coverage period (Incomplete Call)
  • Covered - The account has been called on in the current coverage period and has met the target. (Complete Call)
  • Overdue - No call for the account was completed in the last coverage period so the priority has increased.