Create New Target

The process of creating a target in Perenso Administrator is very straight forward. In short, the process is:

  • Define the things you want in your target (e.g. NIS Sales for 3 selected users for 3 selected product brands by month for the year of 2017).
  • Export the target template to Excel.

  • Populate the template with the target values.

  • Import the targets back in to Perenso.

Defining the Target

In the below steps we will create a target for "2017 NIS Sales by Brand by Month"

  1. Click on Targets from the sidebar.

  2. Click on Create New Target.

  3. Enter a Description.

  4. Define the Target Type and Target Value.

  5. Define the Period Type, as well as the Starting Period and End Period.

  6. Select the user/s you want to set a target for from the Users drop down.

  7. Define the other combination of things you wish to set a target on from the Dimension 1 Type - Dimension 3 Type.

  8. Click Save to save the target (or Save & Export and proceed to the next section).

Export the Target

You can now export the template to Excel to populate the data.

  1. Click on the Data hyperlink under the Extract column in the targets screen.

  2. When the Extract Data pop up appears, click Extract and open the Excel document. |

Populate the Template

  1. In the Excel file that is generated, you will see the entities you defined when creating the target.
    Using our example above, you will see the selected users and brands and the months across the top of the file.

  2. You do not need to change anything in this file apart from the populating the target values for the user/brand/month.

  3. Once you have populated the target values, save the Excel file.
    Note: All data in the Excel file must be raw data (i.e. no formula's should exist) and the data must be in the format the data was exported from Administrator (i.e. no additional columns or other changes are supported). Doing so will cause the import step to fail. 

Import Targets

  1. In Perenso Administrator, click on the Upload hyperlink under the in the targets screen.

  2. Press Select File and point Administration to the Excel file you saved in the previous section then select Upload.
    The target will now be uploaded.

  3. To make changes to targets at any point in the future, use the Extract button again to extract the existing target data saved against that target and repeat the upload process.