We define a work item as a group of tasks or responsibilities to fulfil in a call, where applicable.

All work items can be restricted to selected accounts. For more information on this, you can view the article Restricting to only show certain Accounts.

The work item types available in Perenso are:

  • Order: This work item is used to take order.
    It supports a wide variety of function and features to make transactions a positive and pleasant experience for both you and your customer.

  • Store Check: Allows you to collect information about a customer for the purpose of reporting, or to ensure they comply with requirements mandated by the organisation.
    Each industry may use this work item in a different manner depending on how they interact with their customers. Some will conduct face to face dealings, while others may reply on telephony transactions.
    In any case, the store check work item caters to all types of questionnaires, compliance checks and required actions.

  • Content View: This work item is a simple marketing tool that can be used to present your goods and services material to your customers in digital form.
    Accepted content files are most image types, PDF documents and certain video formats.
    Within the Work Item age, you can add content you wish the users to view in the app via the Add Content button.

  • Signup: This allows users to view content (i.e. contracts) of an agreement and signup, which results in the allocation of a group to that account.

  • View Reports: This allows users to view specific reports within a call.
    You can alter the description of the work item as well as add which reports you wish to show via the Add Report button.

  • Call Objectives: Is the users' own personal task manager,
    They can create any to-do items for their accounts - usually actions which aren't specified int he call workflow - to be completed at any time before, during or after a call.
    You have the ability to change the Call Objectives work item description if you wish.

Adding Work Items

  1. Go to the Work Items tab of the Call Types page.

  2. Click on Create New Work Item to add a work item in the call type.

  3. Enter the name of your work item in the Description field.

  4. Choose if you would like to Create a new work item or Clone form existing work item.

    a) If you chose Clone from an existing work item:
    Select the Call Type which the work item is in.

        Select the Work Item Type the work item is.

        Choose the Work Item you wish to clone.

    Click Save to clone the work item.

    b) If you want to Create a new work item:
        Choose the Work Item Type.
    Click Save to create a new work item.