Call Types is a collection of work items which are grouped for a specific purpose.

When a User creates a call against an account in Perenso, one of the first things they select is the Call Type. Having the right kind of call types available for users to select is important as it can affect things such as call rates in reports and what is available for the user to do within the call.

As an example, Company Z has 3 different call types available to their reps:

  • Face to Face
    This is used when the rep is physically in an account.
    Within this call, the rep can Check the store and Take an order.
  • Phone Call
    This is used when the rep is only contacting the account via phone.
    Within this call, the rep can only Take an order.
  • Training
    This is used when the user is physically in an account but is only performing training.
    Within this call, the rep can only Check the store.

You can get to the Call Types page by going to Diary > Call Types.
Here, you will be able to see the list of all Call Types you have.

Creating a new Call Type

  1. To add a new call type, click on the Create New Call Type button.
    This will load the new call type details page.

  2. Give the Call Type a name by entering it in the Description field.

  3. Set the Default Duration of the call.

  4. Choose if the call type is active/inactive.
    By default the call type is active, however, if you want the call type to be inactive, make sure to uncheck the This Call Type is Active box.

  5. You can choose to have the call count in reports by enabling the This Call Type Counts towards the User's Call Rate option.
    This is useful if you have certain calls which you want to count in reports but want to exclude others.

  6. Choose which users the Call Type is available for.
    The default is set to All Users.

  7. Perenso offers you the ability to see where a call was completed by the user.

    You can turn on/off this setting with the Get Geo Location when saving these Activities option.
    If the setting is disabled, then no location for calls will be saved.
    If the setting is made to be Optional, if the location service is turned on on the device, it will be saved.
    If the option is set to Mandatory, this will mean the user cannot save the call unless location services are turned on.

  8. Save Changes to save the new call type.

  9. This will successfully create a new call type.
    After you have a new call type, you need work items in your call type.
    For steps on how to create work items, go to the article Adding work items.