1. Click on Users from the left menu.

  2. Click on the Create New User button.

  3. Fill in the required fields marked with an asterisk (*).
    Display Name: This is generally the Field Reps first and last name.
    User ID: Assigned as the login/username so this must be unique for each user.
    Email Address: This will be used as the primary method of contact and for password reset requests so make sure to use the persons company email address.
    User Type: Organise users into company roles set out in the System Config > User Types.
    New Password & Retype Password: Choose a unique password that is used along with the user ID to log into the app.
    Is this User Active: This setting enables or disables the user account from use and is most commonly used when the person has left the company. It also retains user activity history to continue appearing in reports.

  4. Click on Save Changes.

  5. Click on the Accounts Tab to setup the accounts that the user can see.

  6. Define the first account visibility formula by pressing Add Rule Set and choosing the Account Types.

  7. Additional levels of Account Group criteria can be specified using the Add This Level to Rule Set option.

    - If more Rules can apply then use the Add Rule Set button again to set them up.

    - To check if a specific account is included in the defined Rule Sets, test it by entering the account name in the Account Search function.

  8. Click on Save Changes.

  9. The user account is not active until a license has been assigned to it. Click on the Applications tab then choose from the available license types to assign to this user account. The available licenses are shown in brackets.

  10. Tick the Enabled box to activate the license.

  11. Click on Save Changes.