Content Albums

The first step in adding content to Perenso is to create an album. An album is simply a way for you to group your content so it is easier to find later. 

For example, you might want to have an album for Pack Shots, an album for TV Commercials and an album for Deal Sheets.

  1. Login to Perenso Administrator.
  2. From the left hand side select Content > Albums Tab.

  3. Click the button Create New Album.

  4. Enter a name in the Album Name field.

  5. Under Visibility, tick on Anyone (or check on a specific group if you require only certain groups of users to see the items in this album).

  6. Click Save Changes.

Adding Content to an Album

  1. Login to Perenso Administrator 
  2. From the left hand side select Content
  3. Click Create New Content
  4. Under the General tab, enter a Description of the image. This is shown below the image within the Field Sales app
  5. Enter any tags you may want to attach to this image. Applying tags to an image allows you to find similar images in Administrator later on.  
  6. For example, some tags for a Butterscotch Donut might be "Donut", "Butterscotch" and "Baked Goods"
  7. Select an Album you wish to associate with the content.
  8. Under the Links section, nothing is required to be done, if no linking is required.
  9. If linking is required, click Add New Link and search for the product or deal the content should be linked to.  
  10. For example: the image can be used in the Content work item, linked to a product and/or linked to a deal.
  11. Under the Content section, click Choose A File
  12. Browse to the file you want to upload.  
  13. Note that the only supported content is jpg, png, pdf or mp4.
  14. You can also choose to upload a Preview Image which is a smaller version of the file you have uploaded.  
  15. This is used on the left hand side of the Content screen (see screenshot below). If you do not have a smaller version of the file, select Or Make Thumbnail of Current Content
  16. Click Save Changes.