Creating an Account Type
  1. To create a new Account Type, click the Create New Type button found in System Config > Account Types.

  2. Give your Account Type a Description.

  3. If you would like to copy settings from an existing Account Type, you can tick the Base this Account Type on checkbox, otherwise leave this unchecked.

    If this function is being used, select the Account Type you would like to base the new Account Type on.

  4. Click Create Type.

Account Type Details

On the Account Type Details page, you are able to change permission settings as well as visibility rules.

The page is split up into 3 tabs:

  • Details
  • Fields
  • Quick Info Tiles

Here you can change the name of the Account Type by altering the Description field.

You are also able to give Creation and Deletion permissions for the Account Type.
By default, anyone will be allowed to create new Accounts of this type.


In this tab, you can change general settings such as its name and who can edit it.

You can also add Fields to the Account Type.

For more information on this, you can read the article Account Types - Adding an Account Groups Field.

This is where you can arrange how the field for the account type looks in the Account Details page.

Quick Info Tile

This is where you can set up what information you would like shown in the sidebar within the Field Sales apps.