General Tab

The General tab will allow you to set up company or business information such as name, address or phone number.

You can configure or update the Company and General settings on this page.

Fields editable are:

  • Company Name: The name of your company
  • Phone: The phone number of your company
  • PayPal Merchant Account: The PayPal Merchant Account your company use
  • Address: The address of your company
  • Countries for Addresses: The countries your company operates in. This is used to determine the options for the State of an address for the accounts your company calls on
  • Email Address: The email address of your company
  • Fax: The fax number of your company
  • Webservice Idle Timeout (Minutes): The timeout time when using the field sales application
  • System Default Timezone: The Timezone your company operates in
  • Culture: The culture your company operates in. This is used to determine the date format
  • Email Address That Orders Are Sent From: The email address that will appear in the From field in the order report that your client will received
    This email address can either be from a monitored mailbox if you would like your recipient/s to contact you, or a no-reply address if you prefer not to receive responses into that mailbox

Images Tab

Here, you can upload and edit the company logo to be seen in reports.