Opening Account Details

There are a variety of ways to open the Account Details of an account.

  • Clicking on the Account Name from the Account list

  • Selecting the Account Name for a Call in the Diary

  • Account Details within a Call

  • Clicking the Account from the Objectives list.

Account Details

All items are editable by default, but certain fields may be restricted by the Perenso Administrator to disallow editing of them.

Make sure to Save Changes to update details.

Account Fields and Options

Mandatory Account fields

  • Account Type
  • Account Display Name

Address Type fields

  • Primary Address
  • Mailing Address
  • Delivery Address
  • Billing Address

Communication Type fields

  • Primary Email Address
  • Primary Phone Number
  • Primary Fax Number
  • Mobile Number

Account Contacts

  • Name details (first, middle, last etc.)
  • Communication Type fields (email, phone, fax etc.)
  • Mark as Primary Contact (mandatory when at least one contact exists)
  • Send order copies to the specified email address

Account ID types

  • Wholesaler/Distributor Account Numbers
  • Other Account Reference Numbers

Free Text fields

  • Single line notes
  • Multiple line notes

Group fields

  • Single group selection (only 1 link to a group allowed)
  • Multiple group selection (can belong to several groups)

Account Availability

  • Defaults o always available
  • When you create a call for an account on a day set to unavailable, able to create the call, but shows the account is unavailable