1. Click on a time in the Diary in Calendar view or Add New Entry from List view.

  2. Ensure the Diary Entry Type is set to Call.

  3. Call Type
    Select the desired Call Type from the list of available call types.

  4. Select Account
    Select the account/s you wish to create a Call for for the chosen date.

  5. Start Date
    The default start day will be the currently displayed date when the new entry has been added in 1 Day mode.
    When using 5 Day, 7 Day and Month views, the default start date will be the first day of the week/month chosen.

  6. Start Time
    If only 1 account has been selected, the Start Time will be the time chosen in Calendar view, or 12 AM when added through List view.
    If more than 1 account has been selected, the Slot in Next Available will be enabled.

  7. Duration
    Specify how much time is anticipated spending on the call/s.
    This default value can be updated via Change default settings.

  8. Save
    If only 1 account was chosen, you can Save and Open the call.
    This will save and immediately load the call created.