When a new Apple update is released, you should only install the update when you have seen the announcement that our current app version is optimised for it.

Whenever a new Apple update is released, our team of testers make sure that all aspects of the app work correctly, making sure there is no incorrect data loading, missing elements or crashing.

Unless the iOS update is vastly different from the previous version, then the majority of the app should work find.

We do expect minor bugs with every update, but the major bugs are what we're concerned about and what we are looking for.

If there are compatibility issues, our development team will work their magic to make the app safe for the new iOS.

As much as we'd love for you to have the latest and greatest features available on your iPad, it is important we address any errors first.

Once these errors have been fixed on our end, we'll then send it off to Apple to be approved. The approval process should take no longer than 2 weeks at most.

If I upgrade the iOS, can I rollback to the previous one?

The short answer is No. Apple have strict rules when it comes to rollbacks and downgrades. Once you've updated the iOS, you cannot get the previous back again.

I've already upgraded and have identified a bug, what should I do?

Feel free to lodge a Fresh Service ticket and we'll check whether it's already on our list or if it's a new one to investigate.

How will I know once a Field Sales update becomes available?

After the updated app has been approved for the Appstore, it will appear on there after a few hours.

You should check the Announcements and the Release Notes page for news and information about new app releases.

This is where we will post all our release updates.